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After the events of Batman v Superman Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has an idea. She wants to form a task-force of meta-humans locked up in Arkham Asylum, in order to perform suicide missions and protects the governments’ interests from other meta-humans that seem to be on the rise. But bad things come earlier than expected, when an old meta-human entity decides to take over the world. Now the newly formed suicide squad needs to go on their first mission to take down that entity.

Oh boy… To summarize it in a nutshell. DC blew it again!

I’m gonna do this review in a pro and con style. So, first I will tell you what I did like.


– The movie looks great! Everything from cinematography, set design, costumes, make-up and special effects just looks damn good.

– The cast is great. Every single actor works in his role and looks the part.

– Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith) and El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) are developed serviceable. We get some nice back-story with both.

– The Joker has some fine scenes. Not to many though.

– The soundtrack (I’m talking about the licensed music) is really fun.

Ok, that’s about it. That’s what I liked. Now get ready for the things I didn’t like.



– I said the cast is great. That doesn’t mean that everybody is able to shine in his/her role. While Harley Quinn, Deadshot and El Diablo are somehow developed, everyone else is just there walking along. I was excitedly see Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). Both have some lines here and there, but none of them really gets to shine. They are pretty wasted to honest. I thought Killer Croc would be like the Hulk of the team, mowing things down left and right. Instead his skill set is just like any of the other guys. He’s just much more ugly. Btw. does anybody else wonder why Captain Boomerang is considered a meta-human? The only thing special about him is the fact that he shoots boomerangs… Well, whatever.

– Speaking of our team. Slipknot (Adam Beach) is a total waste. They don’t even bother to introduce him. He just shows up and 5 minutes later (SPOILER) he is out (SPOILER end) .

– Same with Katana (Karen Fukahara). Nothing to do. Just there for no reason whatsoever.

– Jared Leto as Joker is fine. But the scenes he is in are just meh. Nothing really sticks out about his performance. Nothing scary happens either. Also, for a total maniac he seems to be quite composed and “normal”. The knife scene from the trailer? Nothing meaningful happens with it. In other words, the Joker is not crazy enough! He could basically be replaced by the Penguin and nothing would change (minus the love story with Harley Quinn) I was waiting and waiting for something crazy to happen, but never got it.

– Fine! You want to show the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn. Then at least make it interesting. If you (the reader) don’t know the Comics, their relationship is abusive. Joker is an abusive, I mean, ABUSIVE boyfriend. So why do they look like Romeo and Juliette in this movie?! So lame! I was rolling my eyes. There is bunch of scenes and easy opportunities to make the Joker cruel and abusive. But even if you don’t want to follow the comics, at least make their relationship interesting.


– I will stick with the Joker. His only purpose in the movie is to give Harley Quinn some back-story in many of the flashbacks. The few scenes he is in the movie actually doing stuff are very unimpactful and useless.

– Amanda Waller is so bad-ass, she ends up boring. Always in a bad mood and in need to show off and shut people down. Where is the humanity? She feels so one dimensional. Someone who doesn’t get enough sex at home and needs to prove to everybody what a bad-ass chick she is. Lame!

– The main villain/antagonist of the plot is boring. Ironic that in a movie about villains, the main villain is one of the weak points in a franchise that has been known for great villains.

– Villain aside. The story of the movie is so lame. I don’t wanna spoil anything. But if you could ever come up with the most generic plot to a movie like this, that’s basically what it is.

– Speaking of plot. The script is terrible! It’s a mess! And worst thing of all. I don’t even think it’s all David Ayer’s fault. Of course it also is his fault, since he wrote the movie. But I feel the studio f***** this movie up in the editing room. The editing, just as in BvS, is all over the place. The cuts are awkward and you can tell the movie got re-shot heavily in post-production. Things don’t add up, camera angles don’t match with the scene before, the action is hokey and the dialogue is terrible at places. It sometimes feels like certain sections of the film are cut out and pasted back into random places where they don’t make sense. It’s terribly obvious, also because there are countless scenes from the trailer that are missing. What is going on?!


– While the soundtrack to the film is fun, the original score is terrible. It’s the most generic and by the numbers. At one point I tried to focus on just the score to make sure I was right in my assumption. Normally, DC films have the best scores in this genre of movies. All the Superman movies and Batman films have legendary scores. Even BvS has a good score. But Suicide Squad sounds just laaaaame!

– The tone of the film is not as fun as you may think. There are attempts of humor. But while in the trailer the jokes seem funny, in the movie they fall flat because you don’t care about any of it and don’t feel invested. It actually makes you feel bad. Plus, the best jokes are in the trailer anyways, so you see them coming from a mile away.


Lame. That seems to be just the right word to describe this movie. I mean, are you kidding?! A movie with 7 supervillains being forced by the government into a squad to go on a suicide mission to do some good and it’s supposed to be lame and boring? Not in a million years, after such a fun marketing campaign, would I have thought a movie like this could be boring or even lame for that matter. But that’s what it is unfortunately. I was sitting there and at one point thinking to myself that I would rather nap right now that’s watching this generic mess.

I don’t get it DC! What the hell are you doing?!


Listen, this film is a mess. I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true. After all, Suicide Squad was my second most anticipated movie of the year (Behind Rogue One of course). It’s an even bigger disappointment than BvS, just because with BvS I could already tell from the second trailer that DC is jumping the shark and don’t know what they are doing. But the marketing campaign and set photos and everything about Suicide Squad have been incredible. To mess it up this bad at the end just shows me that the executives at Warner Brothers have no plan and no vision whatsoever. They just want to make these movies and bank on them and pretend that they are taking care of the source material. As for now, this franchise is dead to me. I am not excited for any further DC films. I can already see Justice League and Wonder Woman falling apart in front of me.

As for Suicide Squad. It makes BvS look good.