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Ghostbusters is a reboot of the beloved Ghostbusters franchise from the 80’s, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as our new Ghostbusters team to catch ghosts in a haunted New York City and prevent the Apocalypse.


Oh boy! When I heard about that they are making another Ghostbusters film I was excited like a little kid. I love the first two movies which are maybe my favorite comedies ever.

Then, when I heard that none of the old actors are coming back and that it is an actual reboot my face turned from joy to sadness.

When they announced four women as the new Ghostbusters I was intrigued. I was curious to see how that would play out. Given the names of the four actresses who are all great comedians as well, I became much more hopeful. Also Paul Feig as the director made me feel glad. He directed Bridesmaids which is a blast and other comedies that people enjoy which I have not seen yet.

However, when the trailers started to pop out I again became worried. They weren’t particularly funny and scary whatsoever. Remember, the original films are not only great comedies, but actually have some great scares as well. These aspects are completely missing in the trailers. But I kept being hopeful because trailers can fool you nowadays, whether making a bad movie look great (Batman v Superman) or making a good movie look like crap (Edge Of Tomorrow).


That being said, my worst fears became true. The movie is not scary at all and it’s not funny. However, that’s not to say that some people will not laugh about the jokes. It just isn’t the particular humor that makes me laugh. It’s not clever at all and feels more like slapstick than actual funny dialogue. People making weird faces, screaming at each other, punching each other in the face… Is that the type of humor you want from a Ghostbusters movie? Sure, you can argue, it’s a reboot and things have to be different. Well, fine! But at least make me laugh regardless!


Also, some of the characters are dumb as hell. Man, if you thought Louis (Rick Moranis) is an idiot in the original films, wait for Chris Hemsworth. I have seriously rarely seen a bigger fool in a movie than him. Nobody acts like that EVER! The thing about Louis in the original movies is that you are still able to believe in the character. Even though he is a huge idiot, he isn’t that far off from some people in real life. I have met awkward people like him before. But Chris Hemsworth’s character is just soooo over the top stupid, I was not laughing at his stupidity, but at the movie for even having such a character. And it doesn’t help at all that his role is HUGE! Yes, you heard right. He has a massive role. He is a major part of the story. It’s tragic on so many levels!


Since we talk about characters, let’s talk about our female Ghostbusters. I would say that I like 50% of them. Problem is, the movie feels like a cartoon. And that’s also part to the acting. Besides Kristen Wiig, who has a major role and feels most human, all the women keep overacting. I don’t know what has happened to society, but it seems like in order to make people laugh nowadays you have to scream and jump around the frame and making sex jokes. That’s what’s happening here.

Melissa McCarthy has big role too, and while I enjoy some of her stick, other stuff just feels annyoing.

Leslie Jones is good, but again, I would advise her to restrain herself at points. STOP screaming!

Kate McKinnon on the other hand is a waste. She is supposed to be the introvert technician of the team. She feel more like a weirdo to me who escaped from some EDM rave or shit like that and builds proton packs as a hobby.


Again, the characters in the original felt real! Where the hell is the reality in the reboot? It feels like the Ghostbusters cartoon. But not like the “Real Ghostbusters” cartoon. More like “Extreme Ghostbusters”. All the design choices resemble that. Just look at some of their ridiculous weaponry, which some of it doesn’t even make sense. Why would you need a proton punching glove or a proton granade? Aren’t proton packs designed for grabbing a ghost and keep it in place so you can catch it into the trap? Why would you punch it ?!


Let’s move on to the scares. How scary is the film? Not at all. The ghosts look like, again, they have escaped from the cartoon into movie. They are bright, animated and not memorable whatsoever. Each single ghost in the originals had something to it. Each was unique and looked a certain way, which gave them character. Here I barely remember any of them. They look the same, are way too cartoonish (there is scene with Slimer from the first film, which just made me facepalm) and again, don’t scare you. Why would you have a real life ghost movie when you don’t make the ghosts scary?! Zombieland is a comedy with zombies that look scary, just sayin’.



Let’s get to the meat. The story.

At first I was surprised that it doesn’t follow the exact events of the original first film because I thought besides being a reboot, the film would also try to remake the original. But then I realized, that it doesn’t make sense! Without spoiling to much, there is a guy responsible for bringing in the ghosts into our world. Why he does it, and where he got the knowledge from never gets explained, unless I missed something. He is just a convenient plot device to bring ghosts into the plot otherwise we wouldn’t have a ghostbusters film, right?!


Oh btw. There is bunch of cameos by actors from the old movies popping up. However, they don’t play their respective roles, but are totally different characters. Some of these cameos feel ok, others are just forced.

Also there is bunch of cameos featuring old locations form the originals. Again, most of them feel totally forced. What’s worse. The number of cameos is so high, that at some point the movie seems to be more concerned about fan service than about a coherent plot. In other words, all these cameos feel annoying and actually hurt the movie more than helping it.


Listen, if you want to reboot or remake a franchise, at least make it good. Who cares about a film in a popular franchise that sucks?! Especially now that you have a female cast and want to set a point of being gender friendly, you have to do it right and take extra care. I know that Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a high rating. My theory is that critics tend to give the movie a little bit of slack because if they don’t, they will get accused of being anti-women or crap like that. Well, I will tell you, it has nothing to do with gender. The movie is just bad and in my opinion doesn’t deserve to carry the name Ghostbusters. It’s bad! It’s not funny (unless you like slapstick), not scary and doesn’t make sense. Goodbye Ghostbusters! I will skip on the next one cause you know they will make another one. The sequel is already being set up with a post credit scene featuring ANOTHER cameo!