People around me know that I have been posting reviews on Facebook for quite some time now (about 2 years actually). But know I gathered all my reviews and put them into one place, so it doesn’t get lost in my timeline. It just makes it easier to manage and in case you trust my opinion, you can always search for movies or use some of the filters you can find under Reviews.

I wasn’t able to realise everything I wanted, but I’m working on it. There will be more features added in the near future, as well as reviews. Right now you can find about 350 – 400 reviews on this page. But on my IMDB there is actually 700 scores I handed out over the years. These will be added as well 😉

Anyway, enough talk. I hope you can check out the page and tell me what you think. Btw. there is a user score function under each review post. You should use it because it’s not all about me, after all 🙂